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Therapy Shmerapy

July 29, 2011

Yesterday snowballed into a horrible day. I’m so glad it’s over.

I had just finished lunch and realized we needed to get moving and get out the door to drive to Jack’s first speech therapy appointment. As I was washing out the sink, I pulled the hose to rinse out the sink. When I did, the nozzle broke and water spewed EVERYWHERE. It was like something you see in a movie. Once I got it turned off and adjusted my contacts, I realized how soaked I was–on a day I had spent time doing my hair, piece by piece with a curling iron, and had finished my make-up. So, I wiped my face off and threw my hair in a pony tail.

I went to put Jack’s shoes on and he had pooped. His outfit didn’t have snaps, so I had to take off his clothes, change him, put them back on, then put his shoes on.

As we were getting in the car, his emergency stash of animal crackers I keep in the car fell out onto the garage floor.

Very small things, but they added up and I was so flustered. Then, as I’m pulling out of the driveway I realize my shirt and my bra are still wet because I didn’t have time to change.

We make it to the appointment right on time.

Two sweet girls took us into a small play room. One was the speech therapist and the other was a service coordinator. We all sat on the floor and let Jack play while they observed him and asked me a ton of questions.

Why are you here? Is he saying any words? How many words can he say? How’s his eating? Does he give kissess? Can he hug you? Does he recognize family members? Tell me his birth story. Tell me your daily routine. Does he try to talk on phones?

And on and on. All the while, they’re making notes, watching me and him and listening.

Then, they leave and say we’ll go tally the scores. All of this is so foreign to me. He was down for vision and hearing testing, but that was never done.

They come back and tell me he does qualify.

Then, the downside.

With this program, they transition them out of the system at 27 months old. Jack is 28 months. So, they want to get him set up with the Shelby County School systems and he can go to school certain times a week for therapy.

The kicker– it’ll take about 3 months to get him into a program. There would be so many different types of meetings and testings to get him in because it’s all government funded.

They, also, suggested we put him in preschool when he turns 3. They stressed the importance of a structured enviornment before he starts school.

None of this was what I thought we were coming in for.

To hear that it’ll take 3 months before he would even start therapy was a shock. He may be talked in three months anyway, so he may not even need it by then. Also, I’m not putting him in preschool when he’s three. Sure, when he’s four and is getting ready for kindergarden, but three seems excessive to me. There’s nothing mentally wrong with him, he’s just not talking where we understand him.

However, he’s added a couple new words in the past two weeks, so this may be all for nothing.

Anyways, the appointment was all very confusing and discouraging.

After we left, I had to get to work and just took Jack with me, so Reid could pick him up on his way home from work. It was raining, so I’m trying to gather everything and get Jack out of the car fast. I jumped out of the car, not realizing my phone was in my lap, so my phone fell on the ground and now has a cracked screen.

It was funny–running to get inside with Jack in my arms was not ideal to me, but Jack loved the rain and kept laughing at getting wet. Such a different mindset. 🙂

The Locker Lookz order had come in at work, so I stayed til about 8 to get all the pre-orders together, etc.

Traffic was bad getting home, so it took me 45 minutes (normally takes 15-20). Reid showed me how broke the kitchen faucet was, thanks to me, and that we’re going to have to get a new one.

I just feel drained. I’m longing for a day where we all just stay in our pajamas all day and don’t leave the house. I need those kind of days. I don’t see that happening, though, til two weeks from now.

**Update: Going through all my paper work, the speech therapist is coming to our house a month from now. I didn’t realize she was a speech therapist, so now I’m confused as to if she’ll come once a month til he’s three? They told me they see 80 kids a week. I believe it because they left out so much info, thinking I knew about all this stuff, and I was so unsure what to ask because I was so baffled.

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