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Reading, Rude Person, and Cupcakes

July 27, 2011

Jack’s feeling all better. His fever/sickness lasted less than 24 hours. Very strange, but good.

He loves reading Dumbo lately.

The many faces of Jack. He was spitting on me, which he sometimes forgets it’s rude to spit on people.

Wall-e needed a ride on the tractor.

A true gangsta.

He looks so much like my brother and his son in this picture. It’s very scary.

Most of you know, I work at a consignment shop. A woman came in today to drop off some of her child’s clothes so we could sell them for her. Right in the door, she was complaining about how she’ll never do this again because it’s just too much work.

As I’m going through the clothes, I explain that I can’t take a certain item because it has a stain. She said she was sure people in Alabama would buy that and couldn’t believe I wouldn’t take it. It was the way she said it, regarding Alabamaians. What!?

My manager’s daughter works at Gigi’s, a new cupcake place in town. She bought us a sampling of cupcakes to try. There were two chocolates, a margarita, and a s’more cupcake left. I had some of the chocolate and the margarita. Oh my goodness. The cake wasn’t very good, BUT the icing, was so good. The margarita icing just tasted like key lime pie, which really made me want a key lime pie. 🙂

I brought the S’More cupcake home to share with Reid because it was so pretty.

Looks can be deceiving. It wasn’t worth the calories and was really dry.

I wonder if I can just request the margarita icing?

Jack’s first appointment with the speech therapist is tomorrow. We’re going to the office for the inital visit for testing–hearing, vision, etc. Not sure what to expect, but very glad to be starting this process to help us better communicate with Jack. Or rather, have Jack communicate with us better; he understands us fine, we just don’t understand him most times.

the end.

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  1. Cammie permalink
    July 28, 2011 11:40 am

    You must go to the cupcake store in Tuscaloosa. It is delish AND you can buy shots of icing. Yes, you read that right!!! Yummmmm

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