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Night Owl

July 26, 2011

Last night was rough.

First, the medicine incident.

Then, major storms woke Jack up.

Then, he woke up screaming at 2am because he had thrown up in his bed. So, so sad.

His fever was up to 102.5 and he was shaking really bad.

I gave Jack a lukewarm bath, while Reid changed the bed sheets and started laundry.

Jack ate a couple crackers, so we put him back in bed, but that was a major fight because he was wide awake and wanted to stay up. And Roger had to take a “bath” because we think he got dirty, too, so he wasn’t dry yet.

He slept for 30 minutes or so, and was up again. Wide awake. It was a fight to get him back to sleep.

Jack likes Reid better as far as rocking him, etc. Don’t ask, not sure why; he just goes through phases where he likes one of us better than the other.

So poor Reid went back to bed to sleep for another 30 minutes, then had to get back up for work.

It’s times like these where I’m reminded of just how terrible sleep deprivation feels. Like someone punched you in the face.

But now, with the right medicine, Jack’s fever is down and he’s happy and checking his emails while watching old black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons.

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