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Changing it up

June 27, 2011

Lately, I’ve gotten myself into a cycle that I’m trying to break. It involves saving all my workouts for late nights, which makes me wired and not able to sleep, then way too tired to get up in the morning to workout before Jack gets up.

I could go to bed early, but I love the house at night when it’s quiet and the kid’s in bed.

Soooooo, I’m getting back in the routine of walking with Jack in the mornings. He’s been waking up at 6 lately, so we might as well just start the day as much as I don’t want to at that hour.

Today, we went for a 40 minute walk while listening to a podcast from a GodChicks conference. It was extremely encouraging and just what I needed to hear.

Once we got done walking, I was wide away and Jack was content to stay inside for a while.

Hours have been cut a little at work since we’ve been so slow, so I went in an hour later than normal today. Ohhh, the difference that made.

I was able to enjoy the benefits of Jack napping on a work day. That NEVER happens anymore. Which, really, I don’t like for him to nap on days I work because that means I see him even less that day. But, it’s nice to shower without having to make sure he’s not putting chapstick on Reid’s toothbrush.

Today, I took advantage and did an hour long Pilates DVD. I did this DVD a lot when I first started losing weight in 2006/2007. Most people can’t stand Denise Austin, but I think she’s hilarious and encouraging.

There’s a special place in my heart for Denise Austin. When I knew nothing of working out and was wanting to change that in Fall 2006, I would record her shows and do her workouts. She’s like an old friend, ha!

So, here’s to walking in the mornings with Jack all week and doing Pilates 3x this week, added to my normal workouts.

the end.

Anyone else ever blog, then realize you should just delete and not post, but you do anyway because you already typed it, even though it’s long and out of nowhere? This is one of those times.

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