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A family trait

June 16, 2011

My Dad’s parents. What a steamy picture!

My grandmother with her five children (one set of twins!). The look on her face looks like she’s whispering, “Heeeeeelp me!”

It’s no secret that I love jewelry (best pronounced “juuur-ey” like an old southern woman). I’ve come to realize that my love of jewelry is a family trait, passed down from both of my grandmothers.

Anyways, when we were in Louisiana for my grandfather’s funeral, one of my aunts or someone, not sure who, brought in all my grandmother’s old jewelry and scattered it all over the dining table. It was unreal the amount of jewelry this woman had! The purpose was for all of us to go through and take what we wanted or what was special to us so that we all had something of hers. My wording of that sounds cold, but it was actually really sweet.

I’m glad they did that then and not a few years earlier because I’m afraid a few years ago I wouldn’t have liked or appreciated any of it. I’ve actually worn a few of the pieces already and there’s something so special about it, I can’t explain it.

Here are some of my findings that made it home with me.

Love these clip-ons! I haven’t worn them yet; I’m waiting for just the right moment.

I was told that these were once Big Mama’s, which was my great grandmother. (Grandchildren, please don’t call me Big Mama or I might cry, ok?)

The next three are my favorites:

I’ve worn this locket a few times and always get compliments on it.

My grandmother’s initials. And proof that my love of monogramming is a family trait, too, right?

the end.

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