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Scenes from a road trip {Ashley and Jack style}

June 2, 2011

Jack and I went for a spur of the moment trip to visit my family for the past few days. I realized I had a more days off in a row than normal, so I knew it’d be a good time for a little trip. We hadn’t been down there since Christmas!

Road trips with a 2 year old are always a toss up; you never know what you’ll get, it seems. It could be fantastic, where he plays with toys the whole time and is content. Or, it could be miserable where he’s screaming and throwing toys and nothing makes him happy. Or, it could be a mixture.

On the way down, Jack was really content, which is just the way I like it. He played with this LOUD and ANNOYING phone for the first hour, but I’m not complaining because I’ll take loud toys over crying any day.

Happy and ready to go…

And then, a couple hours later…

I love zooming out on the GPS when we travel down south because I can see the ocean!

I keep all the toys up front with me in a big bag, then give Jack a toy one at a time. When he gets tired of the first toy, here comes the next, etc etc.

Sometimes I save the big guns for late in the trip, like his laptop.

This is typical of the floorboard under his feet on a road trip: fries (that fell RIGHT after I gave them to him) and toys that fell or were thrown.

Besides throwing toys at Jack, I also hand out lots of food in plastic cups.

As for me, I listened to a lot of Wicked.

Drank too much water (at least on the way home, which made us stop 2 extra times!). Check out my new Nalgene bottle! My others that I’ve had for years were starting to smell. This one is for water only- no protein shakes!

My snack on the way there was greek chicken I had made and my snack on the way home was chicken my dad had grilled for me. Strange, I guess, but I wanted protein and it was an easy, no mess way to do it.

The trip down on Saturday was fantastic; Jack was a perfect little boy.

The trip home yesterday morning was a little rough. Jack was grumpy because he didn’t sleep as much at my parents house as he normally does at home. Plus, I was really tired, too.

*he was beating that yellow thing on the mini-van non-stop during the pic

As rough as it was coming home, it went by fast. Soon we were home with Reid and I was off to work for the afternoon.

the end.

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