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So many projects, so little time (and coffee)

May 25, 2011

Not much going on around here lately. I haven’t had a lot of energy, so I haven’t really done any projects. I have been, however, dreaming up projects since I’ve found a new love,

I may be a little behind on jumping on this bandwagon. Last week, I got emails from Magen and Deena telling me about And now I’m hooked.

I saw this just this morning and knew I already had everything on hand to make it happen, so I got to work.


I bought these wooden candleabras a while back because I knew I’d need them eventually because you never know. They were only 40 cents each!

And done! Now I just need some lemons and oranges.

A project that’s further down the road, but I’m so excited about is updating Jack’s room a bit. We haven’t changed anything since he was born, but I’m starting to get inspired to update it.

As in adding navy stripes to the wall behind his crib:

Here’s an example:

He hasn’t switched to a so-called big boy bed yet because we’re not in a rush to grant him the freedom of getting up whenever he wants (like at 5am, ha!). BUT when we do, I really want to find one similar to this and paint it red or yellow:

(BTW, if you spot one next time you’re at the thrift store, please call me!)

Then, behind his bed, on the striped wall, I’d like to hang a large framed map.

For now, I just added a globe to his shelf and I LOVE it. I found it at the thrift store yesterday for $7, but waited til today and it was on sale for $5. Score! It was disgusting, though. It took a deep cleaning to get it looking like this:

I’m really in the mood to brighten up our red kitchen a little bit. I might do something like this to the large window:

The trick will be finding the fabric like that. If Ikea were closer, I’d just pick some up there because I know they have it. 😦

And apparently, I’m on a stripes kick because everything I’m showing is striped. I’m in the midst of painting a kitchen rug (yes, painting) white with yellow stripes. It’s a much slower process than I thought, but I think it’ll be worth it. I got the idea of painting a rug from House of Smiths .

I’d post more pictures of things I love, but really, you can just see it all on my Pinterest boards HERE.

the end.

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  1. May 27, 2011 12:57 pm

    come visit me in Denver, our Ikea opens up July 27!!!! Woot woot.

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