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What We’ve Been Up To

May 6, 2011

Besides sewing, here are a few other things….

1. I went to the podiatrist, again, to learn I have bursitits. My heels is swollen and hurts. Basically, no cardio for two weeks, then I’m getting fitted for custom orthotics. Check out the sexy “slippers” they gave me for the x-rays.

2. The secret to grocery shopping with Jack and using coupons is this grocery cart:

Plus, a free cookie from the Publix bakery:

3. The Helena park is only 2.5 miles from our house. Last summer, Jack wasn’t walking yet, so he only did the baby swings. This year, he’s not interested in the swings. He’d rather run free.

On Wednesday, an older boy had a matchbox car that he was throwing up the slide to Jack, then Jack would throw it back down. Jack loved it!

Waiting on the car to come back.

Jack in action

Last year, Jack wasn’t too fond of the slide. I think he’s ok with it now.

the end.

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