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Imma {Sewing} Machine

May 5, 2011

I guess there’s nothing like jumping back into posts since I got yesterdays post out. I’ve heard/read a lot of stories that have haunted me that I might share later. Or I might just not. Not sure.

Moving right along…

Samantha and I had a sewing party last night, which you know involves sweets, coffee, tv, fabric, and occasionally sewing. Last time we did this she taught me to sew my first pair of shorts for Jack. It took about three hours.

This time, I made 4 shorts, give or take the waists/hems being done. Now, my seams aren’t straight and I didn’t secure them with a 2nd stitch, or whatever it’s called. My style of sewing could be referred to as “Fast and Furious.” (I can see Reid rolling his eyes as he reads this and is like who did I marry!?)

Something I had on eBay just sold, so I used that money as soon as it hit the bank account to get “my” machine fixed. My machine is actually borrowed from Samantha’s Mom’s garage, ha! It was missing a key part.

I took it to the Singer shop in Bessemer, which I highly recommend. The man that owns it was sooo helpful and so sweet. And cheap! $10 later, I was out the door with my machine ready to go.

So, here’s what I’ve done, so far. Some still need a waist and the hem done, which I’m not a fan of doing, so I’m putting it off.

I think the seersucker are still my favorite pair. It’s hard to beat a classic.

I was feeling proud of myself and should have stopped, but I didn’t. I decided I wanted to try my hand at a pair of pants for the fall. I should have stopped.

I’ve had this fabric set out for shorts and then a shirt with a robot. I printed out a pattern online. That’s where the mistake happened.

Something about the waist/top part are just too small. But gosh, it’s so cute. I even reinforced the stitching on these.

The only way I could really make them work would be to cut a triangle out and do something funky up top so he can wear them later this year. Not sure if it’s worth it or not.
I was able to sew today because Jack was occupied with Play-Doh, then took a nap. It was a little surreal to sit at the kitchen table and sew while he sat at his little table and played quietly. That’s not exactly normal in this house.

I really need to wear him out a little more. This morning we went to Barnes and Noble with Deena.

He was able to get some energy out and by the time we got home and ate lunch, he was content to play quietly with no whining. It’s like I forget that he’s a two year old boy and needs a chance to run around.

the end.

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