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How have I not done a random list in a while!?

April 26, 2011

* We spent Easter in Tuscaloosa with Reid’s family and I forgot my camera. I like having my camera attached to my arm, so I was really bummed, but I used Reid’s dad’s camera. All was not lost. But the pictures are on that camera. In Tuscaloosa. I did steal these, though:

We finally got to meet our newest family member, Hadlee! I was sad when I had to give her back. I may or may not have a touch of baby fever.

* But, I’m going back to Tuscaloosa tomorrow. Reid’s sister, Cammie, and her kiddos are in town! We haven’t seen them since Christmas!

* Dress up is fun.

* I’m using a 7 day free trial at Gold’s Gym. I’ve used one before. Makes me long for the days when I was a member of a “real” gym. The gym I use doesn’t have an elliptical and I miss it the most. And the pool.

* Having road rage in the car, then looking back to see a worried look on my 2 year old’s face is a new low. Ouch.

* I like to keep my closet in complete chaos simply because I can without feeling guilty due to Reid’s almost OCD tendencies. He doesn’t dare touch my closet. However, the mess got to me and I cleaned it. It’ll last a couple days.

* Some days are mismatched pj days, due to a diaper leakage issue or laundry.

* I’m not caught up on any of my shows. I only want to watch Ugly Betty. I’m almost done with the series.

* I’m not the only one that does self-portraits in this house.

* I had a first today. I didn’t sneak/steal a single fry from either boy’s dinner from Chick-fil-a. I ALWAYS take five one. AND I bought a Cadbury egg yesterday and it was with me all day (in my purse) and I didn’t eat it. I eventually gave it to Reid because it was driving me crazy, like it was screaming “Eeeeeeaat me!”

* Parks and Recreation has made me laugh so hard lately. Reid has to tell me to not laugh so loud so he can hear the show (since we can’t rewind it with a DVR).

* We’ve officially planned our Chattanooga trip for next month. It’s a one-night trip, but the first trip we’ve taken just the three of us. Very exciting!

* I’ve gotten back into the couponing routine. I didn’t completely leave it, but I wasn’t as hardcore and doing drugstores, etc.

* I haven’t ran in a week because it hurts to run. My feet ache. Did I mention I’m 80 years old? I’m going to see a podiatrist on Thursday; I think it’s more than plantar fasciitis this time.

* I always wait til the very last minute to get ready for work. Lucky for me, the weather’s nice enough that I can roll down the windows to dry my hair.

* Reid despises that necklace that I’m wearing in that last picture.

* I never made the Resurrection Rolls that I posted about last week.

* I feel weird that every bullet point on this has started with “I” or “I’m” but it’s MY blog, so that kinda happens, right?

* I’m pretty much over The Office, but I still cried a little last week when everyone sang to Michael. I’m sure I’ll cry this week; it’s the end of an era. Or something like that.

* the end.

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  1. April 26, 2011 10:11 pm

    parks and rec is so hilarious.
    and i wish they’d just end the office.

  2. April 27, 2011 10:06 am

    I like that necklace. Reid is weird.

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