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Hippity Hoppity, Hippity Hoppity…Easter’s on it’s way!

April 20, 2011

Wait, is that how the little song goes? I can’t remember!

Now that Jackarooni is 2, I’m realizing now is the time to start traditions in our family.

Reid and I have gone back and forth, not too extensively, about the Easter bunny.

Reid’s not for it, I feel like I could take it or leave it, but in the end we will have the Easter bunny.

I have a feeling the Easter bunny won’t be leaving a plethora of candy this year since I haven’t had much prep time. How much candy does one 2 year old really need anyway? Plus, let’s be honest, I’d end up hiding it from those sneaky fingers and eventually try to eat it myself. Isn’t that a perk of having a kid, to steal their candy?

(His grandmothers are now gasping in horror and feeling sorry for him. Just kidding. I think.)

So, here are the traditions we’ll be doing this year: (actually, we’ll be doing them either ON Easter or next week…my work schedule and lack of deciding if we were going to do any of this has pushed it back…)

1. Egg Dying

Honestly, the thought never entered my mind til my mom brought it up. And I groaned. The joy of being a child is the dye and boiled eggs magically appear, ready to go! Now that I’m the mom, I have to be behind that magic.

But, I think Jack would have fun. And if I want to have an egg hunt, well, we’ll need Easter eggs.

2. Resurrection Rolls

My sister-in-law sent the link from for these and I love it! You use a marshmallow in the middle, who would have thought?

Sidenote: I read through the comments on FeathersFromMyNest’s post and someone’s child commented “So, Jesus is a marshmallow?” Ha! I could see how a little person’s mind could think that after this!

I think I’m the most excited about these because it looks yummy, I’ve never made rolls that actually need to rise (I know, I know), and it’ll be fun to do every year with Jack. Hmmm…if the Easter Bunny had a working sewing machine, Jack might be getting an apron, but nope.

When I started making this list I didn’t realize there would only be two things on it! I think that’ll be enough for this year. I do miss the tradition of my mom buying me a new dress and pretty white shoes every year. 🙂

What Easter traditions do you have or hope to have?

the end.

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