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Taking the Good with the Bad

April 19, 2011

**Jack didn’t get out of the car like this, we were just doing a gas and bank run!**

I wrote this before we did anything today, but saved it as a draft:

We had a monumental moment in our house on Sunday.

I still don’t believe it.

Sure, I’ve dreamt of this moment and was hoping all our hard work was paying off, but it was still a surprise when it happened.

It all started when Jack was opening the cleaning supplies cabinet in the kitchen.

He knows he’s not supposed to be in there. How many countless times have I made him cry over kicking him out of there!?

I slammed them shut and told him, “No! If you get in there again, you’re going to time out.”

And then, it happened.

He stopped whining and turned around, then walked away.

I stood there stunned. I was fully prepared to drag him to time out, I’d never considered he’d actually listen to me! What what!!! That is big time to me!
After I wrote this, we ran a couple of errands, which we ended with Joann’s Fabrics.

We walk in the door and I broke one of my own rules- I put Jack on the ground for a second while I fixed the cart. I know once those tiny toes hit the floor, there’s no going back in that cart.

And boy, was I right.

Screams of terror about being locked down in the cart. I tried to force his body, but he stiffened his whole body. Little trickster.

I spanked him and a couple minutes later, he was sitting in the cart, but still screaming his head off.

Mind you, I’m searching for fabric, thread, etc, not knowing exactly what I need and Jack’s letting the world know he’s angry.

He quieted down a little when he dug through my wallet and purse, all the while throwing things out of the cart that I’m having to pick up, making sure he’s not tossing my cards or money!!

He threw my fabric on the floor and I lost it. I started crying, too. It was one of those can’t think straight, so frazzled, I want to just hide somewhere cries.

I know other moms have been there; I’ve even seen it at work, with kids hanging off their legs, screaming while they’re trying to check out.

I was really angry and drained when we left. But, it passed. Jack came home and slept almost 4 hours and woke up really happy. And we hugged it out.

But geez, I hate moments like those.

Oh, and I later realized the buttons I picked out and put in the cart were missing; Jack threw them out at some point. Lame.

And ending on a happier note, we went out to dinner tonight and it was perfect. I don’t like watching people eat, but I could watch Jack eat all day; it’s just too cute! We all ate a lot and bad moods were no where to be found!

the end.

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  1. amymezzell permalink
    April 20, 2011 9:00 am

    I love this post! Sorry you had a crazy day, but it made for a great blog entry. 🙂

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