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Weekend Update

April 18, 2011


Got off work early due to tornado threats! It was too risky to drive all the way home, so I hid out in Samantha’s basement and made a birthday banner instead, ha!


Noah’s 2nd Birthday Party! Lots of good food–cupcakes, oreo balls, chips, fruit, hot dogs. Jack ate so much!

All the Southeastern girls at the party (l-r): me, Samantha, Lynn, Jessica, and Kari (and Hannah)

My contribution to the party

There were so many cute elements to the party. I really wish I had a picture of the sock monkey cookies Samantha made; they were incredible!

Jack played with one of Noah’s gifts

When we got home, Jack and I took naps. I fell into such a deep, drool all over my face, wake up not knowing where I am kind of sleep. It was hard to recover from that!

After dinner, I played with Jack’s hair and gave him a mohawk. He didn’t mind it, but later, it was time for bed.


We went to Oak Mountain with the Smiths.

The boys went further than the girls; it was really steep and Samantha had Zoe in a wrap, so we stayed behind.

My favorite picture of the weekend:

the end.

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