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The only sneak peek I’ll be doing

March 21, 2011

Less is more is part of the theme for Jack’s cowboy birthday party this coming weekend.

Here are the invitations I made:

I feel like I need to say that it wasn’t my idea; I found a similar invitation on and knew I could recreate it on my own, so I did. Is that bad? It’s not like I’m selling these or anything.

This is a little of what the tables will look like. It’s a 99 cent cloth from Hobby Lobby, 39 cent jar from the thrift store, and a $1 group of daisies from The Dollar Tree.

I found these glasses at The Dollar Tree and knew they were just what I was looking for.

Tip of the day is use the RIGHT glue for cupcake stands, or you’ll be annoyed. I learned that super glue and hot glue do not work for cupcake stands! It’s called E6000 and the only place I’ve seen it (but I haven’t looked too hard) is Hobby Lobby. I just glued together one of the cupcakes stands and woooooooooo I should have done that outside because that glue is STRONG! I can still smell it.

the end.

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