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Unknown Magical Potion

March 17, 2011

I think this deserves a blog post.

It’s no secret that I have psoriasis (and that I take self portraits all the time).

Notice my face before:
Without make up, May 2009

No make up, Summer 2010

Heavy foundation, Summer 2010

And after:
Light make up, March 2011

I’m not even ashamed of my shiny forehead because it never had a chance to be shiny when it was covered in psoriasis!

The magical potion that cleared this? I have no idea of the name. It’s in a strange prescription bottle.

My boss’s father-in-law created this cream for psoriasis patients and his wife still makes it for pharmacies today. All I know is that it tingles, feels cold, smells like Mentholatum, and it works miracles. At least on my face.

(Sidenote: These pictures are so awkward. Maybe I need to stop with the self-portraitness. Also, if you scroll down real fast on these pictures, you can see the downsizing of my face, haha! Ok, I need to get some sleep before this post gets worse!)

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