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Update and Phone Pics

March 16, 2011

Reid and I had been dating a couple months when I had two wisdom teeth removed. It was an event. The doctor gave me Lortab, which I had never had before and quickly learned I’m allergic to. Long story short, I threw up all over Reid’s bathroom. Like rugs had to be thrown away because they were not salvageable. It was out of control.

So, Reid was prescribed a cough syrup on Monday and I decided to take some Monday night, too, since it’s just cough syrup and I was sick, too.

An hour later, I was so nauseated. I went to bed and woke up the next morning still hung over sleepy and sick to my stomach. I just laid on the couch, not moving too suddenly so I wouldn’t get sick. I read up on the medicine and learned it’s basically liquid Lortab!!!

Jack and I both took 4 1/2 hour naps yesterday, so I was able to sleep it off. That’s what I get for taking someone else’s medicine.

I’ve been cleaning pictures off my phone because it’s time for an upgrade! I had over 500 pictures on my phone!

I found some that I had forgotten about:
Sally and I found this wreath in Tuscaloosa. “Less is more” is NOT the theme of this wreath. Wow.

It’s so hard trying to get a good picture of Jack wearing his hat.

The older he gets, the more rare this is.

Shopping lately means letting Jack destroy my wallet. It keeps him quiet. Til lately, I realized that I’m losing cards, so this will stop.

This was from last week. It was the first meal he’d eaten in a couple days.

My sister

Target shopping with Samantha and Noah. He’s so little there!

Home Depot with Jack. So tiny!

The only thing I’ve done for Jack’s party, which will be next weekend, is design the invitations. They’re not even sent out yet because I’m not sure which day it’ll be on because of my work schedule. It’s soooo much more laid back this go around. I think if this were the case last year, I’d be peeing my pants by now, but this year, I can dig it. I will be planning this party in a week’s time, most likely, because I’m still a little out of it. And that’s fine.

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