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Playdough Fun

March 14, 2011

The three of us took a family trip to the doctor this morning. Jack has an ear infection (his first!) and a touch of bronchitis. Reid was given more medicine to help him continue his recovery. And I was informed that, most likely, my lungs having lost some lining due to violent coughing, which could be causing some of the blood in my mucus.

This is our med stash on the counter, just from this past week!

Jack’s new antibiotic must be a super drug because homeboy was ALIVE and almost back to his old self today.

To help him cope with all the new energy, we busted out the playdough for the first time.

I couldn’t believe how long it kept him occupied. I think we’ve found what we’re getting Jack for his birthday- a big stash of playdough!

Speaking of his birthday, I’m so behind in planning and finishing the invites. I just now remembered that I’m supposed to work the day I want to have the party on! I need to fix that, and if I do, the invites will be sent out super late (like a week before)! This being sick has messed me all up! Oh well. 🙂

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