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At it again

February 25, 2011

If you can’t find me next week, or if I seem a little distant, it’s because I’m settling back into party mode. Not sure if I ever left, though.

A week from tomorrow is Annie’s shower! (That, also, means in a week I can start working on Jack’s party!)

Most things are halfway done (bad habit of mine). I made a list of everything left to make/do and it’s not bad at all, it’s mainly finishing and choosing things.

(FYI: My mother-in-law is doing, and has done a lot for this party, too! There’s something she’s making next week that I can’t wait to see how it/they turn out! Also, there are 9 hostesses for this party, so we’re not working alone.)

I am going a little crazy with the poms. I’m trying to find that line of how much is too much. My fear is that it looks like tissue paper poms threw up in the room and no one wants that.

I gave sneak peeks of Samantha’s shower only because they were things she already knew about or had seen. I can’t show you much of this shower, though.

I can show you the invitations, which is what mostly inspired the party. The invitations match Baby Hadlee’s room.

PS: My goal is to one day fill a whole ceiling with balloons like this:

Source: BumpSmitten

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