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Yesterday and Today

February 23, 2011

Yesterday was spent mostly outside. I thought Jack would nap longer than he did, so we stayed close to home (as in the driveway).

I read my magazine while Jack ran around.

He knows to blow on his food when it’s hot, but he can’t blow bubbles; he spits instead. By the end, I was covered in his spit and soapy bubble liquid because it was dripping all over me.

We came in and I made a protein shake for me. He was begging for some, so I ALMOST gave him a few sips— but thankfully, I remembered I had added COFFEE to mine. That would have been a disaster!

So I made a mini-smoothie for him with chocolate and banana.

Today, I cleaned off the jogging stroller and broke it in for the new year.

By the time I wiped it down and got us ready (sunscreen, diaper, clothes, etc), it was lunchtime. So, Jack ate his pb&j on the ride.

On the way back we saw a stopped train. This is very common around here; I’ve even had to call work because I thought I’d be late due to a train just sitting there, blocking my way out!

I’ve got a lot to do over the next few days, but not much motivation. That is never good, so I’ll be drinking magical coffee in hopes that it’ll kick me in gear.

the end.

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  1. Mimi permalink
    February 23, 2011 6:41 pm

    What a happy boy!
    He is enjoying this weather

  2. Nana permalink
    February 23, 2011 9:16 pm

    I love all the pictures of Jack. He does like this unheard of February weather, doesn’t he.

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