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The Last Summer

February 14, 2011

This really should be titled “Ode to the Jon jon!”

I know everyone has different styles for their kids, but I love shortalls/jon jons/overalls on Jack. (Oh, and the irony is that I hated monogramming for boys and outfits like this when I was pregnant…Time changed me a bit.)

I think this will be his last summer to get away with this look. After 3, it’s a little iffy. Plus, snaps would be a hassle with potty training.

So, my summer goal is to live it up!

I actually made him try one on this morning to see what sizes he’ll be wearing this summer. I got a little giddy to see summer clothes on him again.

One more set of pictures for the day. When Sarah Kate and her girls were here a few months ago, I took Jack’s clothes off before he ate spaghetti. Sarah Kate found it odd and asked if he always ate naked. No, only when he eats spaghetti. And here’s why:

It’s one of his favorite foods, but he goes straight to the bath after he eats it. We don’t mind because we’re just happy he’s eating!


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