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February 8, 2011

Reid was sick a couple weeks ago, which means Jack and I were sure to get it. I thought we were in the clear, but Jack got sick last week. And after a day, I was, too.

It was just a cold, not the flu, but it was still terrible. I pretty much laid on the couch all day and let Jack do whatever, which was sometimes laying on the couch with me.

Thankfully, our colds only lasted three days and we’re good as new.

Sunday, we went to visit with Reid’s parents. Reid was going to an honor band concert, while his mom and I worked on party plans for the upcoming baby shower.

I needed that! Being able to walk though everything with her and make the decisions together made me able to breathe again. And I finally have an idea of what I want to do!

I’ve made a loose schedule of when and what I need to get certain things done. I think that’ll keep my head above water. Have I mentioned that I’m working on two (and soon to be three!) parties at once? Not by myself, of course! It’s really fun, so far!

Thanks to Samantha and Deena’s fast workings last night, I was able to knock this project out first. IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS! (H is for Hadlee.) 🙂

And after seeing tons of cake plate tutorials, I knew I needed to jump on that bandwagon and get to work!

I’m making three of these. I ran out of spray paint and the kid’s asleep, so I’ll get more later.

It’s made from plates and margarita glasses from the thrift store, along with candlestick holders from the Dollar Tree. It still needs another coat of paint and it’s not even glued together yet.

I’m not sold on the candlesticks because it doesn’t match as well as I wanted, but cupcakes should cover that part.

For tutorials:

Cake board cupcake stand

Kroma Design

From Adventures in Crafting

From Giver’s Log

From Bee in our Bonnet

From Joy’s Hope
Ok, that should help you get started if you’re looking to make your own.

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  1. February 8, 2011 9:35 pm

    They both look great! I cannot believe how incredible the cupcake stands look-after seeing the pieces last night… Wowzers!!!

  2. Mom permalink
    February 8, 2011 11:41 pm


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