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Random Monday

January 31, 2011

Last week was a blur of being sleepy and working everyday except Tuesday. I’m very thankful to be back at my normal schedule this week AND to have this coming Saturday off.


Monsters Inc is Jack’s new favorite movie. The one that he grabs from the office when he gets out of bed before we even get to the kitchen. The one that he wants to watch right after he’s already watched it.

It’s a step up, considering A Christmas Story was his favorite movie during December. We eventually had to hide the DVD and make him forget about it.

I have a sweet spot for Monsters Inc. I still remember seeing it with friends in the theater when I was a senior in high school. And we still quote it; it’s that good and you know it.

Jack’s been sick with a cold this past weekend. It’s always sad when your children are sick. I think he was the worst on Saturday. I was working so that means Reid was home with him all day and he was Mr. Cranky Pants (Jack, not Reid, ha!).

Last night will be referred to as the Zyrtec incident. I’d given it to him before and he’s done fine, but something wasn’t right this time. After doing some jumping around in his bed, we got him out and let him run wild.

My eyes were wide as I watched Jack talk and go from toy to toy and run around last night. Thankfully, he was in back in bed and asleep by 10 pm.

I heard of a free Zumba class on Sundays at 12:30 at a local church, so Sheena and I decidede to try it out.

Realizing we were the only ones there, we went to the Veterans Park across the street instead.

It was so nice outside! It was so relaxing! I think next weekend we’ll try to have a picnic there and invite the boys to come along.

When I was driving home on the busy Valleydale Road, I was about two seconds from hitting a deer that ran across the road! I was too busy gawking at two large deer that had just ran across in front of the car in front of me to notice another was coming.

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