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Sneak Peek to the Actual Party

January 23, 2011

Last night I realized I had only slept for 9 hours in the past 48 hours and Reid’s been sick, so we were all in bed by 8 on a Saturday night. And it was great.

Jack’s been waking up earlier and earlier with each day, so this morning was 5:45 am. Not acceptable, Jack. Reid got up with him, so I got to sleep til 7:30. I still want more sleep, though.

I plugged in my camera last night and got ready to go through all my hundreds of pics from Samantha’s shower, but the battery is dead and we don’t have a charger. At least it lasted the whole shower!

These were stolen from Samantha’s Mom’s Facebook:

I want to take this door home with me! (The door opens and there’s a flatscreen TV behind it! SCORE!)

I learned a lot of things throughout this shower. I started observing things that didn’t work out quite like I had planned and how I should have done them differently.

Things that I would have added. I kept planning to go visit the restaurant to see exactly what I was working with, but I just relied on my memory from Beth’s shower. I realize this was a mistake!

The manager was so accommodating, so I could have gotten away with a lot. (We used TAPE to hang up the “Z,” I can’t believe they let us do that!) Like hanging large pompoms from the windows, or maybe a larger version bunting/flags from the windows.

Oh, and I originally wanted to put a strip of burlap on the table underneath everything, but I thought it wouldn’t happen because I didn’t realize I’d be there when they were setting up the tables.

I’m not upset with myself, I just see room for improvement and have learned for the next shower.

There are things that I am very proud of from the shower- the centerpieces being one of them.

The centerpieces came from me standing on a kitchen chair in my front yard pulling limbs off our tree! Then, making the tiny pompoms late into the night. Who knew they’d take so long to make? This must be why they’re so expensive on, considering it’s just tissue paper.

But, they were worth it, fo sho.

So, now that this is off my chest, the next post on the party will be the actual pictures, not just a speak peek, and I will not be negative. I really am happy with how the shower turned out and I think Samantha was too, and that’s all that matters. 🙂

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