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Hodge Podge

January 20, 2011

A week’s worth of posts in one.
We finished the Band of Brothers series this past weekend. Reid’s seen it several times, but this was my first time to see it all the way through.

I cried several times. I miss watching it and might watch it again next week.

If you think you can’t handle all the war scenes, at least watch it for this guy:

Hello, Damian Lewis.
Scenes from a typical morning in our house:

Jack found my headband and liked wearing it.

He’s really getting in the hang of stacking his blocks.

A break to see what’s on tv.

And then we stop everything once Super Why is on.

Two days left til Samantha’s party and I still have a lot to do.

Know that feeling you have in the pit of your stomach when you’re about to sing or talk in front of a group of people? That’s how I feel. I enjoy putting party stuff together, but I keep thinking “What if she and her mom hate it? Or they think I didn’t do enough? Or I forget the centerpieces?”

Btw, if some owl cookies don’t show up on my front porch by tomorrow, I’ll be a crying mess. (Maybe I take all this party business a little too personal, eh?)

I see a strong drink in my future for Saturday night after the party, and I’m not talking about coffee.
In being consumed with party planning, I decided that showering and putting on make up took up too much time. I did put on deodorant and brush my teeth, though. I looked like this for two days straight:

Reid is a lucky man, right?

Last week, when I was still showering, I wore this for work and then a date:

I’d love to share pics of things I’ve been doing this week, but it’ll have to wait.

But here’s our cupcake stand for the party:

It makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. It makes me want to have cupcakes on it year round. But, I’ll have to give it back to Samantha’s mom after the party.

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