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Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

December 20, 2010

Welcome to the longest post ever.

We went to Tuscaloosa to celebrate Reid’s Dad, Max’s retirement and birthday! He’s worked for the same company for 42 years; isn’t that amazing? Or maybe a little insane? (Wait, does that sound rude? I just mean “whoa!”. So, there.) It’s so hard to fathom!

The company threw a really nice party for Max. It was really sweet and I’m glad we got to be there to see him get honored. Oh, and there was cake!
(Our wedding photographer, Gary Franklin, was there taking pictures! You can check him out here.)

Jack with his Nana and Papa.

His first Dr. Pepper

This picture above makes me laugh. This is me being frustrated because Jack wants to run around and there’s Aunt Rita loving on him, telling him it’s ok because he’s cute.

This picture just makes me want to eat him up!!

Afterward, we went out to dinner with Billy and Rita and Reid’s parents. I had what I wanted for my birthday meal- steak. Ohhhh, so good. (Thank you, Max and Sally!)

Sally surprised me and Max with a cake, but we didn’t even cut it because there was so much cake leftover from the party earlier. I loved seeing my name on the cake, though; it’s been a while since I’ve had that. 🙂

I had to work, but not a full shift, so that was nice.

They got me balloons!

And Starbucks always makes work a little better.

That night, Reid and I bundled up and took Jack to see Santa on the roof.

It’s not everyday you see two live reindeer.

Jack wasn’t exactly impressed, but it was still fun.

My birthday breakfast– cake and coffee.

I started the day by sleeping in, then opening my present from Reid – Beauty and the Beast on blu-ray. He also gave me a very sweet card that was the highlight of this birthday.

Around lunchtime, I thought it was time for more cake; this time an ice cream cake!

That afternoon, I met up with Sheena, Deena, and Samantha for some magazine and coffee time.

We also took a trip to Shoe Heaven- DSW.

I want all of these. The boots on the left were $70, but I know I could buy more than one pair for that price, so they stayed there. But I’m still in love with them. Sigh.

I did buy a pair of shoes with my birthday money, though! Hmmm…can’t find a picture.

Reid and I finished off the night with pizza and watching my new movie.

It was a very low-key and perfect birthday.

PS: These bowls were a gift from Reid’s parents. I might just eat every single meal out of them for the next month; they’re so pretty! I LOVE dishes!

PSS: With the close of my birthday, I get excited because it’s Christmas week! Happy Christmas Week, Everyone!

PSSS: Many thanks to everyone for all the well wishes via Facebook or text or long voicemails! I feel so special and blessed!

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