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Running in the kitchen

November 23, 2010

This past Sunday, Deena and I took a mini road trip to a small town called Rogersville, AL to pick up a treadmill for me! Billy and Rita said if I’d come get it, I could have it, so we went.

I am so very thankful for this treadmill! I’ve been looking on Craig’s List for a couple weeks, but haven’t had much luck with actually getting one. With my work schedule and being with Jack, the gym usually has to wait til 8:30 or 9 at night, and by then I’m tired and ready for bed. I could get up before Reid went to work and go to the gym, but 4am isn’t my favorite time of day.

Jack and I were going on walks/runs with the jogging stroller, but it’s been too cold. Or at least, it was too cold last week. Not this week, though.

All that to say, getting a treadmill was the answer to all of this!

It’s a little too bouncy on the carpet, so it’s in our kitchen right now. Very classy.

Notice I’ve rigged my own little theater using a laundry basket and the laptop. Again, classy.

Ok, time to pack and clean! My Mom and sister are coming up to get me and Jack since I’m off work the rest of the week. Reid will join us later in the week. Can you believe my parents haven’t seen Jack in four months? They’ve never even seen him walk in person! I’m excited for them to get to hang out and hopefully Jack will keep the tantrums to a minimum. 🙂

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