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Our Halloween Weekend

November 1, 2010

This weekend flew by! I guess they all do.

Reid fixed our fence on Friday and Saturday! Jack tried to help.

The big boy shoes and jeans are killing me; he looks too old!!!

Can we just sigh at this picture, please. Jack is a hugger and we love it.

Friday night was exhausting; Jack didn’t go to bed til 10, then woke up several times, and eventually for the day at 6 am. He quickly developed a cold. His nose has been running terribly and he can’t breath! He should have been Darth Vader for Halloween.

Our neighborhood chose Saturday as it’s trick-or-treating night. Reid’s parents came to Trick-or-Treat with Jack.

I was really nervous how our no-nap, sickly kid would do, but he loved it!

He was nervous at first, but eventually started walking into our neighbor’s houses.

We were very proud of our kangaroo.

We had such a good time with him that night that I think it made up for the not so fun day we had had with him.

Oh, and we got to eat his candy! I’ve given him some Smarties and M&Ms, but that’s childsplay. The Reese’s cups and Snickers are out of reach for him.

*Please notice his awesome Mickey Mouse bucket!! I found it at Walgreens and had to have it!

Shockingly, he slept til 7:30 the next morning.

He and Reid carved a pumpkin.

Jack didn’t really do any carving, he just cheered Reid on.

Then I dressed up as Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives. It was a last minute decision and I already had everything. If only I kept our house as clean as she keeps hers…Reid can only dream.

We didn’t do anything special that night, just ate more candy and went to bed around 9.

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