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Thanks for the roll!

October 19, 2010

We cashed in some points that we have with a credit card for an O’Charley’s gift card!

Add that and a $5 coupon, along with “kids eat free” means score all the way around.

Jack didn’t have a second nap today, which resulted in a few too many tantrums for my taste.

Reid had a meeting after work, so he was home a little later, but we tried our luck anyway because we had already planned to go tonight.

We sat down, ate a couple rolls, and walked right out.

Jack refused to sit in a high chair. Reid tried to hold him for a bit, but Jack wanted down. Crayons and a roll didn’t even entice him.

Faced with two options: let Jack roam, chase him down, listen to him whine/cry, and try to eat…or leave and come back another night.

We chose to leave.

It was a little disappointing, but way better than trying to wrangle Jack and eat at the same time. Plus, we can go back another night; nothing’s lost.

We got home, bathed Jack and put him in bed. He’s still awake, just walking around in his bed.

Jack has this thing about staying up later–he gets whiny, but then becomes deliriously happy and bubbly and can’t walk straight. We have reached deliriousness.

The good thing? We got Chick-fil-a and were home in time for Glee.

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