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Separation Anxiety

October 13, 2010

With working most days lately (even just for the afternoon), Jack and I are both experiencing some separation anxiety.

When we were walking to Alli’s front door today, Jack turned around and started crying and going towards the car.

Most days he waits til we’re inside to cry, then hangs on to me for dear life. That’s pretty normal and Alli swears he calms down when I leave and plays like normal.

But it still hurts my heart.

I try not to think about him when I drive away so I won’t cry, but today I couldn’t help it.

After coming home from work Saturday, Reid told me Jack missed me and had been looking for me. I can’t even explain how bad that made me feel!

Yesterday afternoon Jack freaked out and clung to me when Reid got home from work; he thought I was leaving for work.


It just sucks. I know it’s good for us to be apart, but it still sucks. We miss each other.

Just a couple more weeks and my hours will be back to 3 days a week and maybe that’ll help.

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