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Where’d the baby go!?

September 21, 2010

A couple of weeks ago it hit me that we have a toddler.

Sure, I saw it coming because that’s what happens with babies- they grow up. But a toddler?

Somehow I didn’t see it coming.

As stupid as it sounds, all during pregnancy I focused on having a baby around. There’s not a baby around anymore.

A walking, mumbling, curious little boy has taken it’s place.

I’ve heard it several times over the years from moms about how they’re chasing their toddler around. I’d always ignorantly smile and nod, all the while, thinking “Chasing your kid around?” Why chase them? Can’t you tell them to stop? Why do they need constant supervision? That’s just silly and they’re exaggerating.

Now, I know they weren’t kidding. They were actually putting it lightly. Now, I’m the one chasing my toddler around. And I’m a little tired. But happy.

Jack’s been very fun lately, most days. He’s even started pretending which thrills me to no end! But with toddlerdom, comes meltdowns. There haven’t been too many, but they still suck.

Each new phase brings its own challenges. I thought infancy would be the end of me, but that seems like cake now. Then, came the teething. Then, the crawling. Now, keeping up and entertaining him.

That’s what makes me go, “Whoa, we’re parents.” There will be more phases and more challenges. And we’ll take it as it comes and soak it all up, knowing that one day we’ll wake up and realize our toddler is all grown up.

For now, I’ll take the cuddling and the drool. And be thankful my child still thinks I’m hilarious and wants to spend time with me.

I guess it sounds like I’m complaining, but I don’t think I am. I think it’s just shock.

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