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The Office

August 19, 2010

Jack and I slept late today, so I knew we’d need to get right to work on the office if it was ever going to get done by sun-down.

I found flashcards online for Jack here, so we’ve been going over those lately. After going over them today, I blew up two balloons to distract him while I cleaned.

The office has been the catch-all room lately, full of fabric, iron/ironing board set up, Jack’s laundry, cleaning supplies overflow, and Premier stuff. This room has been unwalkable this week. Time to fix it.

I couldn’t find anything on Hulu that interested me, so I watched Cheerleader Nation while I cleaned up. Lame, I know.

So, remember last year around this time when I signed up with Premier to sell jewelry?

Well, my contract is almost up and I’m not renewing, which means it’s time to gut all that stuff from our house. Hello, recycling bin.

If you get a wild hair and want to have a party to get free jewelry before October, let me know.

Guess what’s going to replace those items on the shelf? Fabric!

Confession time…I hit up another thrift store last night.

This is a thrift store that I’d dare not take Jack because it’s gross. I will say, though, that this thrift store jacks up their prices!

I found an Ann Taylor dress for $13! Any other dress would be $3. Rude! I’m very picky about what I’ll pay at thrift stores.

I did buy a little dress (that has been cut up already because I wanted the fabric), a twin size sheet (again, for the fabric), a queen size dustruffle (for the fabric), and a baseball long-sleeve shirt for Jack all for a total of $6 and some change.

I can already see aprons coming out of the floral fabric. And I have lots of ideas for the pinstripe fabric.

Before I can get to all that, though, must clean.

Jack’s clothes are overtaking this side of the house.

I’m trying to do inventory to see what we have for the fall, what he needs, and what needs to go in storage.

It’s consignment sale season, so these things are important.

I’m also trying to get stains out of a few shirts. Wanna know my secret? Cascade. And an old toothbrush.

Just add the Cascade with a bit of water on the shirt to make a paste and scrub away, then throw in the washing machine.

Cascade’s also good to add to a load of whites to make them brighter.

the end.

ps: jack while i cleaned:

Notice that he’s standing on a box of wipes:

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  1. August 20, 2010 6:50 am

    Ashley…I’m telling you…I’ve got the hook up on fabric!!! Thanks for the cascade tip. Does it work if you’ve already washed and dried the shirt with the stain? (I didn’t realize it was stained until I already did the wash/dry)

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