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16 Months

July 28, 2010

Jack Ryan is now 16 months old! My fingers are crossed that this will be the month he starts walking. I think I’ve said that every month since he turned one! 🙂 He’s taken a step here and there, but nothing that seemed on purpose.

He stays busy chasing Chewy to no end, “playing” Reid’s guitar, trying on my shoes and jewelry, trying to put things in the toilet if he gets a chance, plugging in our laptops, stealing remotes and hiding them in his toy rocket, and digging Cheerios out of his backpack and eating them in secret in his room. Oh, and occasionally he’ll play with his toys, haha!

The rocket and Kurt the lion are his main forms of transportation around the house. They go everywhere!

He still loves to eat bananas. I think his favorite meals are scrambled eggs and turkey tacos with black beans, not that he turns down other food.

He’s become an annoying beggar. Anything you’re eating or drinking, even if he just ate the same thing, he thinks he has to have. It’s not a very attractive quality.

Jack longs for winter. Or at least, Reid and I do.

Reid was reading “Welcome Winter” to Jack last night in trying to pretend it’s cold outside.

As promised, here’s what I wore Tuesday.

Dress – Kohl’s
Necklace – Premier
Lovely flip-flops – Gap

If you’ve seen me in the past two months, then you’ve seen me in this dress. This has been my go-to dress all summer long because it’s so light and comfy. Plus, I’d rather wear dresses than jeans or shorts any day.

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