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Yogurt and Don Chaffer

July 19, 2010

Saturday, Reid, Casey and Jon went to a Star Wars exhibit in Huntsville. They got tickets for Christmas from their moms (and mother-in-law). I wish I had a picture to post; maybe Casey took pictures…

I let Jack watch my Phantom of the Opera snow globe while I finished getting ready to leave that day. It strangely calmed him down.

Jack and I met up with Sheena and Deena at the mall.

I have this thing of liking to take pictures of stuff I try on; mainly to see if I still like it when I get home and to see if I can find it cheaper online, haha!

I’m pretty much in love with this jacket from WetSeal. And I’m determined to own a sweet pair of boots this fall/winter. (These are not that fabulous.)

These leggings are a little disturbing

Sheena as a nerd

If you’re a local, then you probably know about Yogurt Mountain.

Well, Sheena introduced me to Yogurt Lab this weekend and I might be a convert.

Yogurt Mountain is tiny, so bringing a stroller in there is annoying and you feel like you’re imposing on other people’s space. Try meeting up with friends who bring their strollers, too. Yikes!

BUT Yogurt Lab is HUGE. And they have a cute little patio outside.

Look, this cake even has my name on it! I’m sure it’s not gluten free, but how could I resist?

Fresh fruit! Sorry, Yogurt Mountain, but you need to step it up on this part.

We lounged around eating our yogurt while Jack wore himself out. This kid needs to start walking because his knees were almost black from trying to crawl off. Let’s just say Jack was so tired that he went to bed at 5:45 that night.

That night, I headed to Casey and Sheena’s house for a Don Chaffer house show. Don and his wife, Lori, are members of Waterdeep. They also worked on the Enter The Worship Circle project. If you think you’ve never heard of him, you actually may have; he’s written several worship songs.

I almost didn’t go because I was tired, but I knew this was a unique opportunity. Music that he’s written have brought great emotion and comfort during dark and lonely times. To be able to hear him play live, in my friend’s living room, was nothing short of amazing.

picture Courtesy of Geof Morris’ Flickr

My view

It was also cool because I ran into a friend I knew from high school, who oddly enough, knows Reid from being in small group with him in Mobile. Get it? Good. 🙂

the end.

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  1. July 19, 2010 9:18 am

    well, I guess we’re even b/c I’m super jealous you went to a home show w/ Don Chaffer.

    But yes, that is a huge piece of bacon. It’s funny they used a Breakfast theme as the play toys. ?? And what’s even funnier, is that this mall is SUPER high end. They have all of the expensive stores you could imagine (Tiffany’s, Nordstroms, Saks, Louis Vuitton, Juicy Coutoure, and the list goes on….). So to have the breakfast theme in this mall kind of makes me laugh!!

  2. July 19, 2010 9:41 am

    I have a “Phantom of the Opera” snowglobe that calms Maddy down too! Who knew? And I am super jealous of you seeing Don Chaffer! I love “Waterdeep”, but haven’t bought anything new from them in a long time!! Glad you got to go!

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