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I could kiss Betty Crocker

July 16, 2010

Yesterday was the official first day of my Gluten-Free trial. My plan is to do this for two weeks, then eat lots of bread and see how I feel. Sounds like fun, right?

Over the past two days I’ve done some major reading on the subject. There really is more to eat on this diet plan than I initially realized. However, there are extremely annoying parts that come with it.

One thing I find annoying is the baking. It’s the main start up of baking, I suppose. You can’t just use flour and sugar, it has to be all these certain items, which because they’re GF, they’re pretty pricey.

So, I just won’t bake, which is a good thing because, duh, I’m trying to lose weight and baking doesn’t help that. I’d just like the option to if I felt deprived so I didn’t go on a mad-eating rampage.

Last night, I stopped by Wal-Mart on my way home from the gym for cat food. In my curiosity, I started looking for GF cookies or sweets.* I found one bag of cookies that contained maybe 8 cookies and cost triple what regular cookies cost.

I started feeling sorry for myself, which is rather comical considering I’m not even allergic to gluten! I don’t have Celiac Disease! I’m just doing a trial! And I’m pouting, ha!

But then. I found it.

Betty Crocker makes GF cake and brownie mixes! I know I can buy something like this from Whole Paycheck Whole Foods, but this is more convenient. AND I recognized every single item in the ingredient list from the GF baking guides I’ve been reading!

I haven’t made them yet and don’t plan to til I really think I need them, but , Betty, thank you!!

*Surprisingly, Snickers, M&Ms and the like are GF, but I prefer cake. And brownies.

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