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Cupcakes and Blueberries

July 11, 2010

The other night I watched Cupcake Wars with my family. Afterward, we went shopping around the Eastern Shore Center, but really wanted cupcakes.

Well..we were in luck! While browsing in Objects, one of my favorite local shops, we saw a platter of cupcakes!

They were celebrating the new Vera Bradley Collection, so free cupcakes. Heck yeah!

They told us to take as many as we wanted, as they were trying to get rid of them. I thought about ways to stuff them in my purse, but I figured the mess wouldn’t be worth it.

My Mom and I, along with a friend of ours, went to see Knight and Day last night.

I really enjoyed it. Sure, the special effects were over the top and his skills seemed unbelievable, but I thought it was a fun movie.
We went to my brother’s house to stock up on blueberries today. Holy moly! He has two big bushes that are full, despite them picking off of them almost everyday!

I’m bringing home a lot with me! And some roots to try to plant my own blueberry bush since Jack has developed quite the obsession this week.

My sister-in-law made this blueberry cobbler type thing that has cake mix in it. It was absolutely amazing! I’ll share the recipe once I get it!

I’m so ready to head home tomorrow and just be home. No more trips and no more luggage. And it’ll be nice to see Reid since it’s been almost a week! I’m not sure who Jack misses more- Chewy or Reid.

Happy New Week everyone!

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