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Road Trippin’

July 7, 2010

Jack and I took a road trip today to visit with my family for a few days. It was sad to leave Reid behind. 😦 Even now, watching America’s Got Talent without him just doesn’t feel right.

My essentials: Vanilla Latte and water

Jack’s essentials: Cheerios

I couldn’t have asked for a better riding buddy. He did fabulous, and that’s without taking a nap!

We played peek-a-boo for a LONG time!

While I have you hear, I’ll give my latest rant- working out while you’re out of town. The local Y is amazing, but they must know it. They won’t give me a free trial pass because I don’t live local; so they want to charge me $10 a DAY to workout there. Four days of working out there and I could pay for a month’s membership somewhere else.

Geeeeeee whiz.

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  1. July 12, 2010 6:25 am

    You are lucky! Madeline is the worst driving buddy ever! She is good for about an hour and cries the rest of the time!!!

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