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Yard Sale Observations

June 8, 2010

Y’all know I love a good yard sale find. One of my favorite things about living in a neighborhood is going to all the yard sales. I’ve bought shoes, clothes, coffee mugs, a cake plate, jewelry, frames, lamps, etc.

My mother-in-law mentioned that her neighborhood was having a neighborhood yard sale. I thought, “Sure, we can add a couple things.” We’ve had a whole pile in our attic dedicated for a yard sale, but we really thought there was no point to have our own because we wouldn’t have enough stuff.

Oh, how wrong we were.

After a fun-filled day in Auburn on Friday celebrating Samantha’s birthday, Reid and I loaded up the Jeep and I took all our junk to Tuscaloosa. (By the way, I was tired enough to justify a late night run to Sonic for a Vanilla Dr. Pepper.) The Jeep was packed to the max!!!!

Once it was all set up (at 2 am!), I stood in amazement that this much stuff came out of our house. I almost took pictures but then got nervous that someone would see something they gave us in that yard sale and get their feelings hurt, haha!

Here are some observations about having a yard sale:

* Our first customer came at 5:30 am. Really? 5:30? Talk about early riser!

* If you want to sell anything Alabama, sell it in Tuscaloosa. Our UA paintings, pictures, etc went fast! We even sold a signed painting for $125! It was worth that, if not more, but it was surprising that it sold at a yard sale!

* I found that it hurt my feelings when people that just come through and barely scanned the place and left.

* People will buy anything.

* If you want to sell picture frames, put a pretty picture in it. We were selling A LOT of random frames and people were buying them for the picture in them, not really the frame. What!? That baffled me- I rarely look at the picture when I’m buying frames!

* Maybe next time I’ll frame pictures of Bear Bryant and get a magic marker and sign them and sell them high dolla.. Wait, did I just cross a line?

* Putting together a yard sale is exhausting!! Then sitting around by yourself in the early morning waiting for customers is BORING.

We made $300, so we’re very happy with the outcome! Here’s the kicker–we still have a buttload of stuff left. So, I’m having a yard sale in MY neighborhood this weekend. If anyone wants to add any of their stuff and sell their stuff, come on down!

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