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I know better…

May 29, 2010

than to say things on my blog, knowing I’m jinxing it.

After saying how Jack was all better and took three naps on Thursday, well, Friday was not so good.

Poor Jack woke up with a cold. We knew something was up because he had a hard time sleeping Thurs. night and coughed a lot.

He barely took naps yesterday and didn’t feel good, so it was a hard day for us both. I felt so helpless.

Reid said he can always tell what kind of day we’ve had as soon as he walks in the door into the kitchen. The kitchen’s either clean and orderly, or an absolute wreck. Yesterday, it was a wreck. And kind of smelly.

I crawled to bed early, but got sucked into watching Dateline. Why do they make that show so addicting? I mean, I knew who the actual murderer was, but I had to keep watching to make sure they knew, too.

Reid let me sleep in this morning, so 12 hours of sleep and some coffee in my protein shake and I am good as new.

Time to clean the kitchen while listening to Glee.

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