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Here and there, but mainly here

April 28, 2010

– Jack and I didn’t keep our sickness to ourselves…we shared with Reid. I think he got the worst of it out of the three of us. Many thanks to my Mother-in-law for coming to the rescue on Monday evening. She helped take care of Jack while I went to work. And God bless her, she had to clean up Jack’s nasty throw up in the high chair! So, maybe I didn’t mind going to work after all, haha!!

– I’m still learning, but getting better at couponing. I’ve never loved Publix more than I did this past week! I’ve been inspired by The Bargain Buggy to keep tabs for a year, starting May 1st, on how much I spend and save at Publix. Btw, if you want to go to the couponing class with me next month, let me know!

– I finished reading New Moon. Waaaay better than the movie. I’m trying to find Eclipse at the library for this weekend. Our library has started carrying blu-rays!!! It’s amazing!

– Well, after (almost) four years of marriage, it’s time that Reid gets to meet my extended family on my dad’s side. The cajun side. We’re loading up and going to Louisiana this weekend for a family reunion thing. (What, you didn’t realize I was from Louisiana? That’s because I don’t really tell people, haha!) I’m pretty excited about the food because it’s a crawfish boil. So good!

– Jack seems to be losing weight in front of our eyes. Since he got sick, he’s been very wary of food. His clothes are getting baggy! He ate some edamame last night with some crackers. Maybe he’s ready for a little bit heavier food.

– Jack would like to give a shout out to Madeline, who’s 1st birthday is today! Last week, Madeline came over to play for a bit. They occupied each other so well! I feel like I got more done with the two of them here than just one! Who knew??

Check out those eyelashes!

– Since I just told yall I’m from Louisiana, this next picture shouldn’t be too surprising. Jack’s is loving the walker lately and the weather was so great last week in the mornings, so I just strapped some shoes on him and let him go crazy on the patio.

Hope everyone’s having a good week!
the end.

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  1. amymezzell permalink
    April 28, 2010 12:22 pm

    Do the people in your family talk like the crazy Cajun in Waterboy? Because that would be sweet.

  2. Cammie permalink
    April 28, 2010 3:59 pm

    I am so jealous of the crawfish boil!!! My friends from LA that now live here
    in NC are having live crawfish shipped to their house for our crawfish boil
    on May 22. Only the deep southerners are invited! LOL

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