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“Mama” & Dancing

April 24, 2010

Holy moly, what a time we’ve had recently. It seems that at least one of us has been sick with something for the past month, whether it’s a cold, sinus infection, allergies, or a stomach bug.

Jack threw up for the first time Thursday night. It was very sad. And awkward trying to figure out how to help him and not make an even bigger mess than it should be. I found letting him wear a disposable bib was the best way to make things less messy.

He slept in our room that night so we could keep an extra eye on him, which was fine til I woke up at 5 am throwing up. I had fever and threw up most of the day yesterday. BUT when Reid came home from work, I slept for about 18 hours!! All better now!

Even though I felt like death yesterday, it was bearable and memorable because Jack actually said “Mama” for the first time! He’s said it a couple times today, but only when he felt sad and/or tired and it came out a wimpy “maaaamaaaa.” Just saying that might get him out of any trouble for about a week!

My 2nd favorite thing that he’s doing lately besides saying mama is dancing. We laugh so hard every time. I have a hard time getting it on video for two reasons–
1)I’m laughing too much to keep the camera steady
2)He sees the camera and wants to watch himself on the screen

With saying all this…here are some things I think about when I’m sick…
a. A new appreciation and respect for moms and dads who take care of their children while they’re sick. It’s exhausting and you can’t exactly call in sick; life keeps going.
b. Respect and pity for pregnant (and tired!) moms with morning sickness! Mine only lasted a day, not for weeks. 😦
c. Missing being sick as a child when my mom made me soup and took care of me and my every whim. My only job was to sleep and watch tv.

the end.

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  1. hollydoodle00 permalink
    April 26, 2010 6:52 am

    How exciting Mama!!!!

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