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April 16, 2010

Today, we reached a new stage with Jack.

Target has always been our go-to place when we need to get out of the house and walk around. Not sure why, but that’s the place I choose.

Today was not so relaxing. Instead of being content to just sit in the cart, Jack decides he must see where we’re going. Fine, fine. So, he turns his body around a bit and looks out. I can handle this.

Then, that’s not enough. He feels the need to sit on his knees. Then, feeling brave enough to stand up. In the cart! I finally get him situated and buckled in, but he wiggled his way around and stood up AGAIN. Then, he threw some coupons. So, I’m trying to pick up the coupons, while holding my hand on his back to make sure he doesn’t fall. This happened more than once. Oh, and he’s figured out how to pull things off shelves.

And Target employees, please don’t come by and laugh and make small talk about it. And while I’m making requests, could you open more than one register because standing in line with an antsy baby isn’t fun.

Now, looking back, it’s kind of funny, but at the time, I was close to grabbing him and my purse and walking out.

Oh, and Target had some crazy cute new stuff out!

I wish I could own the entire Liberty of London collection-clothes and kitchenware!
Seriously, look how cute:

I pick up this coffee mug every time I’m in Target and contemplate taking it home, but I have resisted…so far.

I love Jack’s bath decor, but look how cute this is, too!

And the whales

Ok, that’s enough rambling for today….

the end.

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