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April 14, 2010
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In following with Cammie and Dustin’s tradition of taking thier kids on thier first birthday to the zoo, we took Jack last Sunday.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when taking him, but he loved it! Well, the first hour of it. After a while, he was content to just chill in the stroller.

Sidenote: We prepared for our visit by listening to The Lion King soundtrack on our way. Very important, but we were careful to explain to Jack that we were in no way headed to The Animal Kingdom. Hope he doesn’t get confused.

We got excited when we thought we were going to get to feed the giraffes..until we realized it was a dollar a person and we had no change. Maybe next time.

Here’s Jack laughing at the giraffes.

Introducing Jack to giraffes was a proud moment in my life.


A lot of the animals were snoozing, so we couldn’t tell if Jack could see them or not. One animal NOT sleeping were the meerkats!


This was right about the time we told Jack he could just stay in the stroller and we’d enjoy the rest of his zoo trip for him.

Afterward, we ate a picnic lunch in the car. I changed Jack out of his “First Birthday” shirt since we were headed to Noah’s first birthday party and that might be awkward, haha! Jack fell asleep as soon as the car started.

Then it was time to party with Noah! I don’t have any pictures on my camera from the party, but it was amazing! Samantha did a great job (and she and Ryan ran a 1/2 marathon that very morning!!).

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  1. Nana permalink
    April 15, 2010 8:41 pm

    Looks like everyone had fun! So glad you finally got to go.

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