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Recovering, finally?

April 14, 2010

Monday morning, I went to the doctor to see what was up with all my sickness and why I couldn’t find relief. Turns out I was taking cold medicine, but I had a sinus infection. After a quick shot in the booty and a zpac, I was feeling like a new woman.

Til after work that evening, I took a prescription cough syrup that had hydrocodone in it. Long story short, I found out I’m allergic to hydrocodone. It was still in my system yesterday morning, but thankfully, I called Reid and he was able to come home from work to take care of Jack while I recovered.

I went to work last night and felt fine, so I think I’m ok. And this morning, I’m feeling almost normal.

Poor, Jack, though…he’s got the sniffles, the sneezes, and the coughs. But he must be feeling okay because he’s been laughing a lot this morning.

I’m starting two new things today, as per my boss. He thinks they’ll help my psoriasis, so I’m up for it.

The first thing is apple cider vinegar tablets. I refuse to drink the actual vinegar, even diluted in water. So, the pills I can handle.

The second thing is this:

Pure Adaptogen Spray.
I’d never even heard of it, but apparently, it has plant adaptogens to support the body in mental clarity, immunity, etc. It’s all natural, so I thought why not.

the end.

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