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First Days

March 23, 2010

First days are awkward, aren’t they? Like first days of a new school or of a new job.

I’m pretty certain that my first day of every job I’ve had, I’ve gotten there early out of overcompensating for traffic and fear of being late on your first day.

This makes you look like an eager beaver, as you wait in the parking lot because, duh, you don’t have a key yet. Also, you make all the other employees look like slackers. Nice.

Then, it’s a lot of smiling and nodding, trying to hide your fears of “Am I seriously going to remember all this? And what was that girl’s name again?”

All of those things happened during my first night at the new job. It was information overload during the first hour, trying to soak up how the new boss runs the company and does paperwork.

He had me do a couple exercises to show how he tests endurance. So, first day of work and I’m doing 25 squats as he analyzes them, haha! He immediately pointed out that he could tell I had weak inner thighs, so we talked about that for a bit.

Next up were a couple of ab exercises that had my entire body shaking. Can we say embarrassing?

(In the back of my mind, I was thinking “Those who can’t do, teach.” haha)

The first client he trained, while I shadowed, was actually someone I’ve trained before when I filled in for another trainer at a different location. It was interesting how I was talking about celebrating Jack’s first birthday and this client just had his youngest child leave for college, so he was telling me how fast it’ll go by. And how much he’s enjoying the empty nest with his wife, but loves when his kids visit, haha.

If anything, I think the first day just wore me out mentally as I was trying to take in everything. But it was fun, too.

Oh! And I was STARVING by the time I left, so when I called Reid and he told me that he and his parents had brought me my favorite salad from JimNNick’s, I was racing home!

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