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Look who’s feeling better!

March 11, 2010

Here’s Jack dancing a little. I can’t remember the lion’s name; we usually just call him the gay lion, which you’ll understand when you hear it say “Rawr.” Guess we need to stop calling it that since someone’s talking more lately, huh?

Jack was up every TWO hours last night. As annoying as it was, he was easy to console. I’d rock him a bit, then lay him in bed on his stomach and then pat his booty til he fell back asleep.

His fever got to 103 yesterday! But this morning, it’s been 95. Now I’m worried its too low. Just can’t win, haha! Regardless, he’s been more himself today. Actually taking naps longer than 10 minutes and back to chasing Chewbacca.

Since he’s been feeling better, it’s allowed me some time to work on his birthday party. I’m designing the invitations right now and I can’t decide what I like best.

I really have to watch this party planning stuff because I find myself wanting to go over the top and have to remember that I don’t have to impress anyone. I simply want to celebrate his first year. I don’t have to spend a fortune to do that. (But have you seen all the cute birthday stuff?? Look here: Pirates and Polka Dots.) So, that means no giraffe in the backyard this year. I’m saving that for the 2nd birthday.

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  1. March 12, 2010 11:47 am

    I LOVE how he bops to it. I just wanna squeeze him. so cute.

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