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Busy Bee

March 5, 2010

This week turned out to be a very social week for us, and if you know us, that doesn’t happen often. Monday night was The Bachelor “party” (I consider them a party, haha), Tuesday night I had a Mary Kay party that no one showed up to (whomp whomp), last night I had a jewelry party in Tuscaloosa, tonight we’re playing games with some friends at our house, and Sunday we’re having some people over to watch the Oscars.

I’m not complaining; I like being busy!

So here are some tidbits for you because I’m not sure I can form complete thoughts this afternoon…

* Reid helped Jack with his swinging drawbacks by swinging him in the laundry basket the other night.

* My cousin-in-law started selling Mary Kay recently and she did my make-up for me last night. I loved it! Even Reid noticed the difference when I got home and said it looked good! This is coming from the same guy that doesn’t understand the importance of brow maintenance. I think I’ll start buying a little at a time.

* Anyone think The Office was odd last night? Problems with latching on with breastfeeding just isn’t that comical to me. I’m not saying there weren’t funny parts in the shows, it was just different. While I’m on this subject, why is Pam so bossy and mean lately? I miss the old Pam. (I just noticed my bad grammar in using “isn’t” instead of “aren’t” and I cringed. Ew!)

* Not sure why I decided to do this today, but it was time once again to clean out the clothes from Jack’s room that no longer fit and bring in the bigger ones. I don’t mind this task, normally. However, in the past, I didn’t have a moving baby to compete with. I’d put something in the bin, he’d pull it out. I’d fold something, he’d throw it. I’m still not done because we had to take a napping break.

Organizing requires coffee and Pandora.

Chaos. And this was when I reached the 1/2 way point. And had Jack out of the clothes.

I think Jack actually looks a little like Reid in this picture. It could be in my head, though.

* Jack loves to “read” and it makes my heart melt!

* Apparently it’s true that looks will only get you so far in life. Remember those pretty running shoes I just got? After four miles, I had three new blisters! Boo! BUT I got another pair (of Asics, I’m a faithful fan). I’ve only done 2 miles with them so far, but I think these are my perfect match.

In closing with this randomness, I leave you with a video Casey just sent me. Not sure why, but I was definitely laughing. I think I needed that this afternoon!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!!!

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