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I’m not a coupon blog, but…

March 1, 2010

**Disclaimer: Please know my heart in writing this is not to flaunt my use of coupons and trying to save money. I really want to share some things I’ve learned that have helped us. Plus, I blog about everything else in my life, why wouldn’t I blog about this since I look at coupons, etc at least once a day.

“It’s like printing my own money!”
-I always think of this quote from Toy Story when I print out coupons, haha!!

I could kick myself for not doing coupons before the past few months. I try not to think of all the money I could have been saving those first couple years of marriage!

I had heard Holly mention a few times about her coupons, but I shrugged it off thinking I’d have to be as organizing as her. That was until I realized how well she stayed on a grocery budget! In fact,click here for some tips and different websites from Holly.

I used to use a coupon here and there, thinking “wow, I saved 50 cents. big deal.” Over the past few months, however, I’ve realized all those 50 cents and dollars really add up. Now, I see coupons as someone handing me money. Being able to leave Publix and see how much I saved on the bottom of the receipt is a huge high for me. Even “$10” saved makes me feel accomplished.

All that to say I’m not becoming a coupon blog, don’t worry, but I did want to pass along some great videos. I’m a visual learner, so I’m all about these. Also, don’t get overwhelmed. I tend to get overwhelmed with all of it sometimes, but you know what, it’ll be ok. Just do what you know and learn as you go. Even if your receipt isn’t screaming “saved 231.60”, you’re still saving money.

Hip2Save is one of my favorite coupon sites. She updates it frequently throughout the day.

Here’s a video on Walgreens because I still get confused about all that craziness.

Shopping at Publix. Publix really is amazing. And I found out this weekend that we’re really lucky in Bham b/c they double their coupons, as the ones on the Eastern Shore do not! (PS: This video makes me a little sick and jealous b/c of how much they saved/spent, so beware.) (PSS: Please notice Collin is wearing Premier Jewelry, which I sell. Whooo!)

Other favorite sites:



Honestly, there are tons and tons of great coupon blogs. In fact, if you click on any of these sites, you can find links to many of the other sites. I’m going with the less is more principle on this, though. Besides, sometimes they tend to post the same deals so you won’t be missing out if you aren’t following all 2,000 of them.

On these sites you’ll find Couponing101, where to find coupons, where to shop, when to shop, etc etc.

Oh, and if you’re thinking, “Girl, whatchu talkin’ about? I don’t sit around eating bon-bons like you so I ain’t got time for this.”

If you think you don’t have time, try out these two that makes your lists and coupons for you:

The Grocery Game

E-Mealz (I think I like this one better)

Hope this is helpful! Now if only I had a coupon for a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks…hmmm..

Happy Couponing, everyone!

Oh yeah, almost forgot another helpful tip: follow some of these blogs/people on Facebook or Twitter because then when they update several times a day, you’ll be notified by their status updates. That way, you’re not constantly having to check their site all day.

the end.

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