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Ashley Recommends

February 16, 2010

* Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee

We got sample packs in the mail last week and I LOVE it! The vanilla and hazelnut are my favorites. Plus, these are perfect for those mornings when you’re a little too tired or groggy to make coffee, which means you need it. (Yes, I’m very lazy in the mornings. Too lazy to make coffee sometimes.)

PS: You can go here to sign-up for a free sample.

* Scrub It Quick Eraser
These can be found at The Dollar Tree. My mom actually told me about these and brought me one to try out this weekend and I am sold!

I used it on my bath tub and it was magical how well it worked to get off that gross soap scum. It did take some elbow grease, but it was still fabulous. You'll thank me when you're taking a bath in a sparkling white bathtub. (Wait, that just got creepy, don't think of me when you're in the bathtub.)

* I also recommend for Jack to take naps, but I don't always get my way, so this is why you get some random post today. Tomorrow's trash day and there might be a whiny, no-napping 10 month old outside waiting to be picked up. I'm closely approaching a breaking point. And it's only Tuesday!

Another thing I recommend? Jake kicking Vienna off The Bachelor!!

Things I don't recommend?
Men wearing vneck t-shirts. Yuck.

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