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Mercedes-Benz Relay Recap

February 14, 2010

I drove over to Ryan and Samantha’s apartment around 5:30 this morning to eat a wonderful breakfast they prepared for us. We were all pretty hyped up about the day! I really wasn’t nervous anymore, just excited.

The breakfast of champions. Seriously.

It may have been early, but we were ready to go!

Our whole team:

I thought they were kidding, but there were 11,000 people signed up to run! How crazy!

Even with those 11,000 people, we were able to run into friends that were running before the race started! Jessica ran her first 1/2 marathon today!!! Extremely impressive!

Another friend, Andrea, says she shaved 12 minutes off her marathon time! I got to see her twice throughout the course; she seemed so focused.

I saw Lynn, who was there supporting her husband, Dave.

And Dave. Ready for this? I read on Samantha’s blog that this was his 3rd marathon in three months. He made great time; we got to watch him cross the finish line in under four hours! He had the biggest smile on his face; I’m so excited for him!

Ok, so Samantha started the race with our lovely neon baton. She did 6.2 miles at a 9:16 pace!
Here she is getting all her gear ready:

Now, before I tell you about my run, I must tell you that I hadn’t looked at a map or figured out where I was going. I thought it didn’t matter and I’d just follow the people. Samantha and Ryan had actually driven the course the day before. They failed to mention the HILLS that would be on my duration. Even that morning, Ryan was like “just go up that small hill, and when you turn left it’ll all be downhill.”


But, ignorance is bliss.

Here’s where Samantha gave me the baton

At one point when I turned a corner around Highland ave, all I could say in my head was “F.” Another hill! I did have a great scenic view though during my run. And I got a good laugh out of a girl talking on her phone while running and then dropping her phone. Fail!

I really didn’t pay much attention to my music or anything except what was going on around me and realizing all these people are running, too, and most are running a very long distance. It definitely kept me going!

I didn’t have too many thoughts while running, I kind of tuned out. I did get hungry when I ran by Rojo and all of a sudden wanted mexican food.

I only stopped two times just to catch my breath. I only stopped for 15 seconds each time, though. After I reached 2.75 miles, I started booking it, thinking I was only running til 3.10.

Then I saw a sign for the relay meet up coming soon. Running, running. Where is it? How much further? Did I miss it?

Finally, Ryan’s dad just jumped in front of me and said there wasn’t a pad there and he could start running now.

I ran 3.48 miles in 34-35 minutes. I don’t have my official time b/c I was so confused that I forgot to stop my watch. REGARDLESS, I ran 10 minute miles!!!!!!

And get this, I ended up right in front of The Silvertron Cafe, which is where Reid and I had our first date! It was magical, indeed. I called Reid, not knowing if he was at home or what, but he wasn’t too far from me. Honestly, I am so thrilled he was there. This was such a huge deal for me, so being able to share it with him made it that much more special.

I just read on Samantha’s blog that we were 40th out of 118 co-ed relay teams!

Ryan going towards the finish line. He ran 8 miles at a 7:20 pace!


So, there you have it. My first race.
It may not have been the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon, and I may have only ran 3.48 miles, but it was still magical.

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  1. ryansamantha permalink
    February 15, 2010 7:14 am

    I’m so so proud!

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