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Gold Stars

February 6, 2010

Reid and Jack deserve gold stars for yesterday afternoon!

I met up with some friends at Barnes and Noble yesterday afternoon. Before we even left the house, Jack started to rub his eyes, so I knew our time there needed to be limited because he’d need a nap soon. No big deal.

Jack did great, but then started to lose it towards the end, so we packed up and headed home.

So I thought.

But the back door of the Jeep wouldn’t close. I tried to rig it, but nothing worked. So, I called Reid for him to come get us. Thankfully, he’d already left work early for the day (although, I’m sure thats not how he wanted to spend his early Friday afternoon off!). Reid works about 45 minutes away, so Jack and I went back inside to kill some time.

Jack actually was really sweet, despite his red eyes. I thought he’d fall asleep in the stroller, but there was too much to look at. I tried looking at magazines, but that tried Jack’s patience, so off to the car we went. I was still hopeful I could fix it myself. But, nope.

Reid went to the wrong Barnes because I didn’t think to tell him which one I was at. Whoops.

So, by this point, Jack and I hung out in the backseat of the car. I didn’t have a bottle for him because I didn’t expect to be gone so long, but Cheerios did the trick. And reading Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed about 15 times. (It’s taken me a bit to realize this, but looking at a book and reading really help Jack stay calm.)

Reid got rope from one of the nearby stores and in the cold rain somehow tied the door shut enough for us to make it home. Reid drove the Jeep home– the long way in the 4:30 Friday traffic on 280! Jack and I were able to go to the grocery store, get home, put dinner in the oven before Reid even got home! And he didn’t complain at all.

Jack’s treat was going to bed at 6 pm, haha! Reid’s treat was picking out the movie for the night, which was Star Trek (which I surprisingly liked!).

Here’s the very sleepy baby…I’ve never seen him like this! He was past sleepy, but had entered delirium.

PS: Reid fixed the door today! Hooray!

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